How to Setup and Run AutoGPT in 5 steps?

5 Steps to Setup and Run AutoGPT for automation of GPT on your Local PC
Mon Apr 17, 2023

Setup and run AutoGPT in just 5 simple steps

AutoGPT has transformed the way we look at Artificial Intelligence altogether! It is an AGI model or an Artificial General Intelligence in its initial stages. ChatGPT on the other hand was just a Natural Language Processing Model, whereas AutoGPT is the first step to taking Artificial Intelligence conscious.

Here are the steps you can follow in order to setup and run AutoGPT or similar AGI models on your local computer:

  1. Download AutoGPT's code (
    1. Click on Code and download the Zip file
    2. Open the Zip file (It should be a folder with the name, Auto-GPT-master)
  2. Install Python & VS Code
    1. Download the latest version of Python from here for your platform and install it
  3. Install all the dependencies (Run pip3 install -r requirements.txt in terminal) 
    1. Open the Auto-GPT-master folder in VS Code and then open the terminal in it
  4. Rename [.env.template] -> [.env] and add your OpenAI keys
    1. Change the .env.template file to .env
    2. Add your OpenAI API keys (Create an account if not done so) from here
    3. Copy the Secret key and paste it in .env file in Auto-GPT-master folder in VS Code
  5. Run AutoGPT (python3 -m autogpt in terminal)

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