Best Certified Freelancing Course in 2023 

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Sat Apr 15, 2023

Best Certified Freelancing Course in 2024

Have you been stuck watching videos of how to earn money online? But never really learning anything valuable or actionable? Well here’s the answer. I am excited to announce our upcoming free live cohort session on the Guide to Freelancing. Here are the deets:

- 4 weeks long
- Certified course
- Fully pre-recorded (on demand) course
- 100% refund if you don't see any results!

Link for the certified pre-recorded course 🎉:

Oh oh oh and there’s more!

Readers of Ali Solanki newsletter get an exclusive 90% off for the next 24hrs!!!

Wait did you just say nine with a zero????
Yes, absolutely! Here’s your exclusive coupon code: FREELANCE90

The course will be fully published within the next 7 days, so make sure to join in before it’s too late for early bird 🥲

Ali Solanki
Ali Solanki is a YouTuber with over 50,000 subscribers and a successful Freelancer turned Agency owner!

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